Frequently asked questions

What's Hikre School?

We teach, train, and mentor students and working professionals in Southeast Asia to become (app) software developers and product designers (visual, UI, UX) in 12 weeks. We do this through our study-now-pay-later business model and we provide career placement and global network to support students in their future careers.

How much does it cost to get in?

80,000 PHP or 1700 USD that can paid upfront, through monthly installments, or ISA (Income Share Agreement).

Do I need to have coding background to be admitted?

We're open to students coming from all backgrounds! Although, having a coding background gives you a competitive advangtage and a head start!

Will you help me find a job after graduation?

Yes, our career placement program will help you find and secure high-paying jobs locally and globally along with our 10+ hiring partners!

What do I become after the program?

When you graduate, you can assume the roles of: 1. iOS Software Developer 2. Product Designer (Visual, UI, UX) 3. App Designer (UI, UX) 4. Project and Product Manager

Is the program open for full-time employees?

Yes! We have two types of schedules. Full-time employees can opt-in for our part-time schedule.

Can I apply outside of Southeast Asia?

Yes! As long as you commit to our Singapore or Philippine time zone +8:00.

What are the requirements to get in?

1. Submit student application. 2. Attend motivationial interview. 3. Complete assessment test. 4. Demonstrate aptitude and motivation to commit to the program. 5. Be in possession of a Macbook Pro or Air computer.

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