Here Are The 3 New Apps By The Phoenix Summer 2021 Batch

Courtesy of Hikre School

Welcome to the second demo day of the Phoenix Summer 2021 batch at Hikre School! Before we move on, this demo day is greeted by our dear friend and co-founder, Derick David, with an introductory video of the demo day.

Courtesy of Hikre School

Hikre School leverages Challenge-based learning, which is similar to project-based learning, however, challenge-based learning incorporates technology into the process. The goal is to have students come up with possible real-world solutions to problems.

A bit of history, challenged-based learning first appeared from the “Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow — Today”, a project initiated in 2008 by Apple to identify the essential design principles of a 21st-century learning environment.

In this model, students are instructed to simulate problem-solving solutions through collaboration, hands-on learning, and app challenges. For instance, before they go to design or code apps, they first have to go through brainstorming their big ideas, essential questions, and challenges.

At Hikre School, we help students find their big ideas and solve real-world challenges in the Philippines and potentially in entire Southeast Asia through the use of Challenge-based learning, technology, and design practices we teach in our program. It absolutely makes perfect sense for a continent where real-world problems are ever-growing.

Of course, our special day wouldn't be complete without our amazing guests including Apple, Microsoft, Draper Startup House, Crowdparty, Lyon, and Outliant.

Courtesy of Hikre School

Without further ado, here are the second set of big ideas and solutions proposed by our students in their second app project named “Mega challenge.”


Big Idea: Education Challenge: Create a platform for creators in the Philippines so that they can easily leverage and monetize their talents and skills

The first app caters to the ever-growing creator economy. Team Sajani, composed by Sanya Chawla, Jason Casil, and Nick De Vero designed and developed an app that helps artists and creators in the Philippines find their audience and build loyalty through a platform that allows them to organize and hosts workshops.

Courtesy of Hikre School/Sajani

The app benefits from hyper localization, where its go-to-market strategy is to target Filipino local artists and talents to build a niche. CoCreate has shown a lot of potentials, including its ability to empower local farmers and painters.

Joe Sibayan of Apple also said that during the 2 years of community quarantine in the Philippines, he started growing a passion for sketching and playing Ukulele and he highly thinks the app is in great timing.

Project by Sanya Chawla, Jason Casil, and Nick De Vera.


Coco by CoLab

Big Idea: Community Challenge: Use technology to produce meaningful conversations based on chosen topics

The audio social networking scene has seen a major rise since Clubhouse's sudden success during the pandemic. This begs the question, how can we find a more meaningful way to connect with people online based on chose topics like Mindfulness, NFTs, or Writing.

Here comes Coco by team CoLab. Composed by Aayush Shah, Reniel Guiao, and Vincent Navera, Coco is your 5-minute Clubhouse.

What does that mean? It allows you to connect with people based on chosen topics. The app will then put you into a breakout room where you can talk to the people who also chosen the same topic for a total of 5 minutes. After that, the rooms break out.

Courtesy of Hikre School/CoLab

Team CoLab has designed and developed an MVP-ready app that could be shipped just a few weeks from now. The app also incorporates gamification where it shows you how many people you've talked to, how much time you've spent in total, and how many topics you've created.

Courtesy of Hikre School

Francois Devillez of Forbes Business Council also said that the app has a sleek and minimalist interface and one of the screens reminds him of Apple's Airdrop interface.

Project by Aayush Shah, Reniel Guiao, and Vincent Navera.



Big Idea: Social Dating Challenge: Use technology to reimagine the social dating scene in the difficult times of the pandemic

Are you tired of seeing the same old formula from dating apps? You're not alone.

Team Doppio designed and developed a social dating app that changes the game of dating apps. The idea was inspired by Sophia Abino's story from two perspectives.

  1. Her coffee business

  2. The impact of the pandemic in her social life

Courtesy of Hikre School/Doppio

This app isn't like Bumble, Match, or Tinder at all. As a matter of fact, the app focuses on one match at a time, and the app will only allow you to continue swiping after mindfully ending your current match, by giving a reason.

The app name is also inspired by coffee, Espresso Doppio, and its whole brand lies on coffee, thus, spill it for swipe left and drink it for swipe right.

The beauty of the app also lies in its partnership model, where it's designed to work with coffee shops and cafes to incentivize users to spend more time using the app and in return, they get discounts and can order coffee directly from the app.

One cool feature that grabbed the audience's attention is the Troll Jaill, where if you find a match rude or disrespectful, you can send the person to the app's Troll Jail where he or she has to spend a given amount of time before he or she can start matching again.

Justin Cuaresma, CEO of Crowdparty also said that "The app has virality written all over it".

Project by Sophia Abino, Paul Sarmiento, and Mark Lista.


At Hikre School, we’re building and reimagining the future of education in the Philippines, one student at a time. All of these while having fun and learning how to build apps! Through CBL, hands-on activity, group projects, and app challenges, we’re creating a new category of talent designed for the 21st-century world. Thank you, everyone!