Celebrating Phoenix Summer Graduates

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Congratulations to our new graduates of the Phoenix Summer batch!! 🧡

This 3-month journey has been a crazy journey including having to witness incredible talent, creativity, and collaboration.

From hands-on activities, keynote presentations, app challenges, workshops, and to demo days, you’ve sure seen what amazing things you can do with the right skillset, mindset, and tool.

Break a leg new graduates and make a difference out there! #Phoenix

Student stories

Jason Casil, a freshman college student of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at De La Salle University - Dasmarinas. He co-founded a packaging startup to replace plastic courier pouches and he thought of continuing my advocacy through coding and design.

Enrolled in Hikre School so he can be a more credible co-founder on his next start-up idea and have a coding job while studying in college.

Paul Sarmiento, a graduate of the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, is a full-stack developer whose favorite languages are PHP and javascript but also has experience in using Ruby on Rails, C++, Java, ASP, Delphi. Have been in the computer technology sector for over 20 years. Started as a computer technician and evolved into a computer programmer and have been a network administrator/system admin/database admin all rolled into one.

Additionally, worked for IRRI at one time and developed a small program for the local PLDT branch in his town in Los Banos Laguna. The reason he decided to enroll in Hikre school is to add to his skills and to reinforce areas where it needs development.

Nick De Vera, used to work in callcenter tech support, then teaching conversational English online. Read about Hikre School on Reddit, he would love to get into a coding job, heard about Lambda School a while back and wondered why didn't more companies follow suit.

Before Hikre School, he dabbled in some of the basic-level free online coding stuff and he reads a lot, so for what it's worth he've read Paul Graham's Hackers and Painters, Steven Levy's books on the early hackers and Google, Chaos Monkeys, the Elon biography.

Aayush Shah, have studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science for most part of my life after 10th grade. Graduated from Iowa State in 2019 and got first-hand software engineering experience in developing systems for a healthcare company.

With Hikre School, he got to learn more the fundamentals of design and now discovered that he has a talent for it.

Sophia Abino, college student taking Entrepreneurial Management at Far Eastern University or FEU. She's also a coffeepreneur and the Founder of Abino Coffee.

She got interested in joining Hikre because she wants to establish her own tech company. She wants to create something so valuable that the world did not yet know they needed.

As she was reading about Hikre School, she immediately knew she wants to be part of it as it is inspired by Steve Jobs, one of her idols when it comes to innovation and she felt that fire in her, telling that this is where she will start her tech journey.

Reniel Guiao, a full-time multimedia designer now based in Edmonton, Alberta whose work focuses on marketing with brand identity background. He's a believer in lifelong learning, that's why he's open to learn new things, high-value skills like programming to develop new experience with app development especially iOS here in Hikre School.

Sanya Chawla, a rising senior in high school at International School Manila or ISM. Her hobbies include tennis, graphic design, and coding. She's passionate about using design and technology to raise awareness about global issues in her community through sustainability, gender inequality, the digital divide, and more!

Vincio Navera, fell in love with Apple’s closed ecosystem, he loves how well they work together. Now with its new M1 chip, it can achieve more without Intel holding them back (lol). This is why he wants to become an iOS developer and with all these shiny new stuff from WWDC21, it’s hard not to be distracted and jump to beta softwares without learning the core skills I need.

Mark Lista, currently an Account Manager/Business Development Manager that usually deals with branding and websites. He has always been fascinated with how to launch mobile apps. He happens to think it is the next step for everything digital and believes that it's becoming more relevant every single day.


Let's build the future we could be proud of! #HikreSchool