Antonio Chiappetta of Elevate Labs On The Importance Of Keeping An Open Mind To Opportunities

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Hikre School - Coffee session #1 ft. Antonio Chiappetta (Summary)

For our first coffee chat of the year, we had the privilege to feature Antonio Chiappetta as our visiting speaker. Antonio currently works for San Francisco- based tech startup, Elevate Labs.

Growing up in Southern Italy, Antonio has never expected that the American dream itself would come to his home. Everything started when Apple and Italy made an agreement to build the first coding academy, named Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy in 2016.

That was the start of his journey.

Since then, Antonio has worked as an iOS Developer for a few number of Italian firms, and eventually took up his Masters education in Finland as a Human Interaction Design major.

Keep an open mind for opportunities, people, and technology, he said.

You have to get out of your comfort zone, travel a lot, and meet a lot people, he adds.

In this session, Antonio highlighted that:

Traveling a lot can give you perspective...

This applies not only in life, but career. The more you travel, the more you become creative and open-minded.

Part of what brought Antonio to Elevate Labs today is his ability to always keep an eye out for opportunities between people. He also said that:

Soft skills matter as much as technical and creative skills.

Think of these three as a car.

Soft skills are like the fuel that makes the car run, while technical and creative skills are the engine and frame that define the car's form and purpose.

Connecting to this, we also learned that:

Design should also be treated as technology

As Steve Jobs also used to say:

Design isn't how it looks, but how it works.

Treat design as technology and it will work magic.

Last but not the least, when asked what tips would you give to aspiring developers or students looking to build a career in IOS Development, he said that:

Never stop learning...
And never stop teaching.

And that's true regardless of your career or field, but it's important to keep in mind to keep learning no matter what. What best way to learn if not to teach?

Thank you Antonio Chiappetta for being our visiting speaker for our first coffee chat event at Hikre School. We'll be looking forward to having you as part of our network!


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Youtube: Video session

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