Hikre School x CrowdParty - Making Learning Fun And Engaging

To build the future of education, we need the right tools to make learning fun and engaging. We're proud to welcome a new partner on board!!!

CrowdParty is revolutionizing classroom learning through virtual games. Students can choose from a variety of options like Two Truths and a Lie, Trivia Night, and Would You Rather.

During our Summer Phoenix batch, we gave CrowdParty a go. We played several games including Would You Rather, Trivia Night, and 2 Truths And A Lie. Next thing we know, we were all laughing and enjoying each other's presence.

At Hikre School, we have a core belief that as long as students have fun while they're learning, they will enjoy what they're doing. This increases the likelihood of producing better outcomes.

Together, we're reimagining how learning is done virtually.

Check them out at: https://crowdparty.app/

See you!


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