How Our Students Won 1 Million PHP In Support To Develop Their App Idea

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Students from the Phoenix batch, Jason Casil, Sophia Abino, Paul Sarmiento, Sanya Chawla, and Mark Lista participated in one of the biggest hack events in the Philippines organized by Impact Hub Manila and partners.

The event was a three-day-long where students from all over the Philippines came together to brainstorm an idea, build a demo prototype, and propose a solution to the big idea of Climate Change.

Little did we know, team Phoenix would eventually end up getting into the top 10 (among 20 teams), and winning as Grand Champions.

Celebrating the team win post-Hackathon 😬


What They've Created

Team Phoenix designed and developed a beautiful solution for managing the issue of plastic waste proposed in the Philippines. It's a combination of education + gamification in one platform designed to encourage a call to action among high school and college students.

What surprises us more is that they've managed to apply the knowledge that they've directly absorbed from working on their mega-challenge at Hikre School. This allows them to work effectively, elegantly, and systematically. We also want to take a moment to thank Michael Lance, Vandolph Corpuz, and Caesar Samareta for mentoring our students at the event.

What they've shipped in the Hackathon:

  1. Wireframes

  2. Mockups

  3. Prototype on Figma

  4. Xcode prototype of the app

  5. Keynote presentation

The Creation


Pieces of Advice For Future Participants, According To Our Students

  1. Build something useful, cool, and of course, have fun.

  2. Have fewer expectations.

  3. Focus on the process.

  4. Highlight the problem you're solving.

  5. Talk with authority

Jason Casil also wrote a rockstar piece highlighting tips that will help you prepare for a hackathon. One of my favorites is,

Focus on one issue, address it.

You may be familiar with the statement “Don’t fall in love with your idea.” Somehow this is true when you find yourself torn on solving different problem statements or choosing which one is best to solve one particular issue. Though your solution solves 2–3 problem statements as they overlap, be the best in one. Hackathons would only ask you which one you aim to solve, and you need to present a solid idea to solve it.

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